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    It's the font that inspired a story. Or is it the story that inspired a font? Droeming is a simple experiment in scrawl font technique. Drawn by hand with a very small brush and a few drams of India ink, the scanned and vectored results deliver intriguing thicks and thins with curious blobbings that create interest and variation. After some heavy kerning of 7,000 plus pairs--and some heavy writing of 26,000 or so words--the font and the story it inspired are finally done. But didn't I just hint that it's not clear which inspired which? Check out the droeming specimen in my gallery and see if you can guess the answer. And then ask yourself, can you survive the droem? It would be a syn if you couldn't.


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    11 years ago

    last night , I spent five hours clicking on font after font - desperately seeking the font to enhance ( or even demonstrate ) the objectives of my new music project - a band called Bravo Echo Echo Romeo . Sometime between 3.30 and 4.00 a.m , I was at the point of calling it a night, when I clicked on your Droeming . The lonely quest was suddenly at a joyous end ! All through my life I have been a musician , working on the art , rather than the show-business side of music . So I'm hoping that you will allow me to use Droeming on YouTube and a website or two . Non-profit is written into my creative DNA , it seems . Thank you for all your patient and discriminating work on the beautiful font .