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ELF_Crazy_and_Sunny_Lemon_Life font

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ELF_Crazy_and_Sunny_Lemon_Life font by EmmaLemon Fonts
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Hi! This is my first font! Hope you like it!

ELF_Crazy_and_Sunny_Lemon_Life sample text
ELF_Crazy_and_Sunny_Lemon_Life (Version 001.000) ELF Crazy and Sunny Lemon Life.ttfView Font Info 96 characters — View All


  • EmmaLemonade avatar
    OMG I can't believe I really did this... 😄 Though it looks terrible! 😞
  • MistiFonts avatar
    @EmmaLemonade Your first font looks great! Keep at it and it will become even better over time 😃
  • EmmaLemonade avatar
    @MistiFonts Thank you very much! I know that you are right! 😃 😉
  • EmmaLemonade avatar
    I wonder...why do you download my weird font??? 😃
  • lynxkitten101 avatar
    @EmmaLemonade i think it looks awesome!
  • EmmaLemonade avatar
    @lynxkitten101 Thank you so much!!! 😃
  • EmmaLemonade avatar
    Thank you for all the downloads, favorites, five-star ratings, and your nice comments 😄
  • applecinnamonpie10 avatar
    love this font! crazy and sunny indeed 😄
  • EmmaLemonade avatar
    @applecinnamonpie10 Thank you! 😃 😉 😉
  • YoungFontDesignersClub avatar
    Verrrrry crazy and sunny girl
  • EmmaLemonade avatar
    @YoungFontDesignersClub Haha thanks 😃 😄
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EmmaLemonade avatar EmmaLemonade
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Created with the help of<br>Copyright belongs to the Creator.


Version 001.000