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Engli-Besh font

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Engli-Besh font by Erikstormtrooper
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This font is an English version of the Star Wars alphabet known as "Aurebesh" or "Aurek-Besh". After doing research for my Galactic Basic font, I noticed several similarities between the English alphabet and Aurebesh. I figured this font would be a good way to spice up good ole English with a touch of Star Wars. This font might be useful for someone making a fanfilm who wants to give their text that Aurebesh look but still have readable English.

Engli-Besh sample text
Engli-Besh (1.0 - Mar 15, 2) englbesh.ttfView Font Info 99 characters — View All

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  • sophieeus avatar
    I love this font! Thank you!
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Created by Erikstormtrooper


1.0 - Mar 15, 2003