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Tall & Lean font

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Tall & Lean font by Essqué Productions
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A font long-time coming. Designed to be a font family with backward slanting letters, I started this font while I was in the throes of finishing Petal Glyph and had nearly finished the entire family of upright and slanting letters. I placed it on the back burner until I could figure out what to do with it and how to fix the back-slant issues that were cropping up. Fast forward to mid/late 2013, I dusted the font off and decided that I needed to rebuild the font from scratch using the old version as a template to unify weight, dimensions, and kerning. I also discovered that I was missing some glyphs, so I added them as well to make the font more complete. Here is the final upright project in it's regular weight. The family comes with three weights in TTF and OTF, and is available for commercial-use purchasing here crtv.mk/dTD4@.

The free-usage license for this font is included along with the TTF in the zip file.

Tall & Lean sample text
Tall & Lean (Version 1.00 Fe) Tall & Lean.ttfView Font Info 248 characters — View All


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Milomax27 avatar Milomax27


This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 & 7.5 from High-Logic.com


Typeface © Essqué Productions. 2008. All Rights Reserved


Can be used for personal projects and NFP Organisations free of charge. <br>I would like to see how you have used it, though. <br> <br>Contact me for commercial usage at media_nut@hotmail.com. <br> <br>©2008 Essqué Productions. All Rights Reserved.


Stephen Knouse


Version 1.00 February 4, 2014, initial release


Essqué Productions
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