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Baqacents Semi Bold font

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Baqacents Semi Bold font by Explogos
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This font started life as an experiment in vertical-only weight progression, meaning the horizontal strokes were broadly the same weight whether you used the thinnest or heaviest version of the font.

I developed fives weights, but the project didn't really work as I would have liked and, whilst I will probably return to at some point in the future, I'm releasing the most usable of the five fonts now as free for personal use.

This font includes a broad range of Latin characters, as well as a monotonic Greek character set. Old style numerals and a very limited range of small caps are also available using applications that support OpenType.

A Single-User commercial is $5 (USD). For Multi-User and Corporate commercial licences, please contact me at steve@explogos.com. Please also contact me if you have a project that requires more than one weight.


Baqacents Semi Bold sample text
Baqacents Semi Bold (Version 1.000;) Baqacents Semibold.ttfView Font Info 502 characters — View All


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©2014 Steve Gardner This is an evaluation copy only. No commercial use permitted. You may not modify, reverse engineer or decompile 'Baqacents' without the written consent of Steve Gardner (aka Explogos). You may not redistribute this font, nor make it available for others to download, unless otherwise agreed in writing. For commercial pricing, please email steve@explogos.com.


Steve Gardner


Version 1.000; ttfautohint (v0.97) -l 8 -r 100 -G 200 -x 6 -f dflt -w G -c