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Squarea font

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Squarea font by Explogos
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Squarea started out as logo design project and developed into a working font.

When working on new logo designs, it is not unusual for me to stretch or skew an existing font; the problem with this is that most fonts start to look horribly distorted, even when the manipulation is minimal.

Squarea was designed to be manipulated. The Regular version of this font was drawn with contrasting horizontal and vertical stroke widths, and with a combination of square and rounded corners. These features, together with the absence of curved edges, make the font fairly tolerant to stretching and skewing. As an example, I've included an 'Expanded Oblique' version within the zip file, which was stretched by 127% and skewed by 7% (I also took 5% off of the height for balance). You can use this as a preset or, if your using an image editing application, apply your own parameters to the Regular version.

The fonts are free to use for personal projects, but require a licence for commercial use. The price is $5 (USD) payable by clicking the 'donate' button.

Please also check out my other fonts and let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.


Squarea sample text
Squarea (Version 1.000) Squarea Regular.ttfView Font Info 336 characters — View All
Squarea Expanded Oblique sample text
Squarea Expanded Oblique (Version 1.000) Squarea Expanded Oblique.ttfView Font Info 336 characters — View All


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