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Tretton font

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Tretton font by Explogos
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This is a limited character evaluation of a current work-in-progress. It is intended only for personal use only. If, however, you would like to use it in its current state for commercial purposes, please donate $5 by clicking the 'donate' button'.

An extended version of this font will be released later in the year, offering a much wider range of language support as well as all the punctuation marks and symbols you would expect from a full font. For more information about release dates and pricing, please contact steve@explogos.com.

All feedback is welcome.

Tretton sample text
Tretton (Version 1.00 Ma) Tretton Fontspace Version.ttfView Font Info 56 characters — View All


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Added (3 years ago) by
Explogos avatar Explogos


©2015 Steve Gardner. You have downloaded a version of Tretton that was uploaded exclusively to fontspace.com. If you did NOT download this font from fontspace.com, you have an unauthorised copy, which has been made avilable to you without the font author's consent. If this is the case, the font author strongly recommends you delete this file and run a virus check on your machine. The reason for recommending this is that some sites are known to alter the original font file before listing it on their own sites, making it potentially unsafe and putting your personal details at risk. Once you have done this, please visit fontspace.com and download an authorised version. This is an evaluation version of the font and is made available for personal use only. An extended version will be released later in the year, which will offer a greatly expanded character set. For more information about possible release dates, please contact steve@explogos.com. If you wish to use this version of the font for any commercial purpose, please pay $5 by clicking the donate button. A special note to designers who produce work for resale on sites like envatomarketplace et al - use of this version of the font in product previews constitutes commercial use and requires a licence. Finally, you are not permitted to make this font available for others to download. The ONLY trusted site authorised to offer this version of Tretton for download is fontspace.com.


Personal use only


Steve Gardner


Version 1.00 March 14, 2015, initial release

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