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CreamDonut font

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CreamDonut font by fluffybanana101
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The font is blurry, but that's how it is! Simple, bubbly and well... YUMMY!
"Sillyness just made YUMMIER!"

CreamDonut sample text
CreamDonut (Version 001.000) Cream Donut.ttfView Font Info 96 characters — View All


  • FeliciaF420 avatar
    OMG I cant believe no one has commented on this yet!! It's soo cute & cool! & I love the extra symbols that comes with it! The doughnut & the cherry!
  • fluffybanana101 avatar
    @FeliciaF420 Awwwh! Thank you so much! I admit the font is kinda fuzzy, but thanks for all of your comments. I do like the donut too :)

  • FeliciaF420 avatar
    Wow u replied 2 my comment! That's so cool! Well I think there great & love & use lots of urs! You're very creative & talented! Keep em' comin!
  • fluffybanana101 avatar
    I don't get much comments, so I usually reply to all of them. Thank you SOOOOO much! I feel like crying! XD. Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed the fonts... :)

    <3, Sakura
  • FeliciaF420 avatar
    Oh I love em all! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity & talent!
  • PUNKOSAURUS avatar
    BEST FONT EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR love it using it for wwork right now!!! :3
  • fluffybanana101 avatar
    @PUNKOSAURUS Thank you so much! :)))
  • milkme69 avatar
    Best Font! Thank you so much for making this 😃
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fluffybanana101 avatar fluffybanana101


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Version 001.000