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Remember Mary-Kate and Ashley? Yeah, they were some good twins back in the days.

Okay, back to the font... Mary Kate is a cute new font made with my old template. I didn't like the performance of my new template, so Mr. Old Template is back! For now, I guess.
Anyhoo, Mary Kate includes doodles! YAY! Just some random stuff like butterflies and a kawaii face.

Hope you enjoy this font! <3

PS: Wanna download Mary Kate in 3D?
Visit to download it!

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  • lov2teach avatar
    Mary Kate is a cute handwriting font. I love the extra doodles that the author included....although I can't figure out how to make the scribbled heart. I don't have that key (straight vertical line) on my keyboard.
    I did find a problem that you need to be aware of....when the left quotation mark is selected, the font changes to Times New Roman!! Not sure why this happens.
  • fluffybanana101 avatar
    @lov2teach Honestly, I do not really know as well. I found another site to make my fonts with, but I didn't like the quality, so I changed back to the old style.

    It's really like that. Please don't worry about your version of the font.

    The straight line? Maybe you could find one online and copy-paste it perhaps, then change the font. You also might find a keyboard shortcut for that.

    Anyway, thank you so much for downloading the font. I hope I answered your questions :)

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