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Hand Printing Press Eroded DEMO font

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Hand Printing Press Eroded DEMO font by FontsCafe
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"Hand Printing Press Eroded Bold" font, like the name suggest, comes from the idea of those sheets of cardboard (o other kind of material) where the letters have been cut off in order to be used as a pattern where the ink transfers, passing through the cut, leaving its "sign" on a surface, usually paper.

This version of "Hand Printing Press" font (just one of the whole Hand Printing Press Pack that you can find here https://fontscafe.com/font/hand-printing-press-pack-fonts) has a strong structure with an eroded effect that reminds the irregularity of the press on the paper very common when those beautiful wooden letter blocks were used with the printing press devices, an art that still is fashinating most of us.

You can find this specific version on this page https://fontscafe.com/font/hand-printing-press-eroded-bold-font.

Terms of Use (short version): It's okay to use this DEMO version of "Hand Printing Press Eroded Bold" font for personal, non-commercial uses like designing greeting cards, invitations, labels, posters and even to create graphics for your personal blog.
HOWEVER, if you decide to use this, or any other Fonts Café font for your business, please purchase a license: the prices are fair and you will be supporting a small, nice, independent font company. :)
The typefaces we design and sell on our secure website are our livelihood.

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