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I'm fashionista!_FREE-version Font

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I'm fashionista!_FREE-version Font handwriting text
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I'm fashionista!_FREE-version (Version 1.00 Oc) I'm fashionista!_FREE-version.ttfView Font Info 29 glyphs — View All


  • hevbee avatar
    Love it 😄 Thank you 😄
  • fontscafe avatar
    @hevbee Thank you so much to you! 😃
  • fontscafe avatar
    Fonts-lab CONTEST! :)
    WIN the FULL version of "I'm fashionista!" font! 😄
    Learn more here.... http://www.facebook.com/pages/fonts-labcom/112983742135338
  • SparkleFairy avatar
    Fabulous font!
  • fontscafe avatar
    @SparkleFairy Thanks a lot! 😃 Happy you like it! If you didn't yet visit also our website http://fonts-lab.com/, other fonts there too! 😄 Cheers, fonts-lab.com
  • Pianoplayer21 avatar
    absolutely amazing font!!!!
    LOVE IT !!!!
    ;) 😉 😉 😉
  • fontscafe avatar
    @Pianoplayer21 Thanks a lot! 😃 😃 😃 fonts-lab.com
  • chazah avatar
    Thank u...Lovely! and lovely name too!
  • fontscafe avatar
    @chazah Thanks, happy you like it! 😄 fonts-lab.com
  • fashionista8 avatar
    Oh my! I absolutely adore this font! Just what I was looking for! Great job!
  • fontscafe avatar
    @fashionista8 😄 Thank you! Happy you like it! Fonts-lab.com
  • Kyari avatar
    Love It Absolutely Amazinq Font (:
  • fontscafe avatar
    @Kyari Thank you! 😄
  • LiviG avatar
    I love the font name and I love the actual font!!!! <3 <3 <3 love all round!!!!!!
  • fontscafe avatar
    @LiviG Thank you! 😄
  • princesssasha avatar
  • fontscafe avatar
    @princesssasha Thank you! 😃
  • blingburn avatar
    Thats an amazayn font.
  • fontscafe avatar
    @blingburn Thank you! 😃
  • blingburn avatar
    No problem. Do you have any other fonts?
  • fontscafe avatar
    @blingburn of course!
    Check the whole profile here http://www.fontspace.com/fontscafe and for more visit our website http://fontscafe.com/ cheers!
  • cristinalovefontsloveyou97 avatar
    I love it 😄 tkank you :)
    very nice!!!
  • fontscafe avatar
    @cristinalovefontsloveyou97 thank you! glad you like it! 😃....visit our website too 😉 cheers! http://fontscafe.com/
  • cybercrimefighter avatar
    Thanks fontscafe! i love your fonts 😃
  • fontscafe avatar
    @cybercrimefighter Hi! Thank you! 😃 Glad you love them! Cheers!
  • THEMrsPeel avatar
    this one is another fav of mine, Fonts Cafe you are the best!!!!
  • fontscafe avatar
    @THEMrsPeel HI! 😄 Thank you very much! 😄
  • blumengeier avatar
    HI Fontscafe.. can you help? I have just installed your beautiful font but the capital letters will not show in I am fashionista but jump to the system font myriad.. so all the first letters i capital are a different font :(
    Thanks for helping
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Version 1.00 October 28, 2011, initial release


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