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Publishing Script DEMO version font by FontsCafe
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From the sensuality and elegance of Tango Argentino a new avant-garde Fonts Café font has been conceived, our "Publishing Script"!

A handmade script with 105 variations, between alternatives and swashes, plus 32 exclusive stylistic Ligatures that convey unequivocally fluidity and audacity for a perfect choice for your next publishing project!
The depth of the vintage/retro style with the daring of a stylish script.

Check the full version of "Publishing Script" font here https://fontscafe.com/font/publishing-script-font or the whole "Publishing Pack" here https://fontscafe.com/fonts-packages/publishing-script-pack.

If then you're looking for the perfect complete solution you cannot miss the Mega Pack: Ottanio and Publishing Script together, check it out here: https://fontscafe.com/fonts-packages/ottanio-and-publishing-script-pack

Terms of Use (short version): It's okay to use this DEMO version of "Publishing Script" font for personal, non-commercial uses like designing greeting cards, invitations, labels, posters and even to create graphics for your personal blog.
HOWEVER, if you decide to use this, or any other Fonts Café font for your business, please purchase a license: the prices are fair and you will be supporting a small, nice, independent font company. :)
The typefaces we design and sell on our secure website are our livelihood.

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  • BillHitchens avatar
    Great font.
  • fontscafe avatar
    @BillHitchens Thank you! 😄
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Version 1.00 September 10, 2018, initial release


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