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CertifiedRetard font

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CertifiedRetard font by FontsRUs
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CertifiedRetard sample text
CertifiedRetard (Version 001.000) CertifiedRetard.ttfView Font Info 90 characters — View All


  • bobistheowl avatar
    You need to get a better scanner, or draw your lines thicker. This is almost unreadable.

    Better still, don't release fonts like this. Learn from them, but don't upload just anything you can put in a .ttf file type. This is like a photograph of you with a bad haircut. It exists, but you don't want to go out of your way to have other people know about it. When you're making better fonts, you won't want this one to be part of your portfolio.

  • Spacini avatar
    I agree with everything bobistheowl wrote. I find nothing wrong with a free form font, but this one is simply unreadable. I'm not offended, but the name you've chosen for it is potentially offensive to a lot of people.
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