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Skirt And Trousers font

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Skirt And Trousers font by Fresh Fonts
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The original font by Lacey Kavanaugh had only upper case; a variant version was found on the net to which someone (presumably not the original designer) had added the same letters in a different size to fill out the two registers. Since this seems to be a useful variant and is not disallowed by the license, we've renamed it a titling font to allow both versions to coexist, and restored credit to the original designer.

Skirt And Trousers sample text
Skirt And Trousers Skirt And Trousers.ttfView Font Info 49 characters — View All
SkirtAndTrousersTitling sample text
SkirtAndTrousersTitling (Revised (not by) Skirt And Trousers Titling.ttfView Font Info 76 characters — View All


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Added (8 years ago) by
fontologist avatar fontologist


based on Skirt and Trousers, Copyright (c) Lacey Kavanaugh, 1999. All rights reserved.


Free for non-commercial use. May be redistributed as long as this information is intact. <br> <br>Please let me know how you do use it, I'd love to see it in action, or <br>feel free to just let me know what you think of it. <br> <br> <br>Lacey <br> <br>


Lacey Kavanaugh


Revised (not by original designer) to add different size caps to lower case register