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Caslon font

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Caslon font by George Williams
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Caslon is a serif font (designed by William Caslon in 1734), it's not a bad copy of times, it's a bad copy of something else.

Caslon-Bold sample text
Caslon-Bold (Version 001.000) CaslonBold.ttfView Font Info 1,681 characters — View All
CaslonItalic sample text
CaslonItalic (Version 001.000) CaslonItalic.ttfView Font Info 1,438 characters — View All
CaslonRoman sample text
CaslonRoman (Version 001.000) CaslonRoman.ttfView Font Info 3,665 characters — View All

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  • marshaz avatar
    I have been looking for a font just like this. Thank you.
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The programs to draw the splines of this font are Copyright (C) 1992-2001 by George Williams.


Version 001.000