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Maximal Text font by Giedi Prime
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Almost all characters are cannononical, but A-Z are also accurate to the show!
Meaning, my character for A actually means A in Maximal, and some messages can
now be read. (To humorous effect, sometimes.) 1-9 are similarly accurate, and
the character for 10 was assigned to 0. a-z and punctuations (comma, period,
colon, semicolon) were assigned randomly, though I am willing to entertain
suggestions on permuting the order to make them more accurate. The maximals
seem to have two numbering systems, as seen in the graph of Code of Hero. They
could be two analogous numbering systems (like arabic numerals and roman
numerals) or the second set could represent higher orders of magnitude. Either
way, the second set of numberals were assigned to the key above the number
they represent (on most keyboards). In order, they are !@#$%^&*(). I also
borrowed my square brackets from Neale Davidson, and assigned some symbols
seen on Maximal keyboards to the { and } keys. Enjoy!

Maximal Text sample text
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  • koesherbacon avatar
    I love this one, dude. Great job!
  • qqq5000 avatar
    thank you for the talent and joy of you doing this post. love the archetype symbols and joy.
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Maximal Text, by Jim Sorenson of Giedi Prime fonts. It was completed on 2/1/99, based on the Beast Wars show. It is to be distributed freely. All characters are cannon. A-Z and 0-9 are not only cannon but accurate! To contact me, email megatron@c


1.0 Mon Feb 01 15:58:39 1999

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