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Blockletters font

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Blockletters font by GraphicsBam
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Blocky set of letters, Influenced by printers fonts. Greta for a bold impactful design that looks rough and inky. Use for posters and vintage feel. Messy, impactful turn of the century blackletter style type.

This is only a DEMO and only showcases uppercase. If you would like the full version please send £12 to via Paypal.

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Block Letters _ Demo Regular sample text
Block Letters _ Demo Regular (Version 001.000) BlockLetters_Demo-Regular.otfView Font Info 26 characters — View All


  • Cinefilus avatar
    Is this font used based of SHERLOCK HOLMES ?
  • graphicsbam avatar
    The look of the printer blocks were used in the films masterhead but I did not take direct influence from this film. The use of the printers blocks was to create the same effect bold vitnage, block lettering. You will find this type of effect on many posters of the time. What makes 'Sherlock Holmes' and this font different that it take direct reference to the typographers wooden type block rather than it's proper use of ink with the application to paper. Thank you so much for your comment, if there is anything else please feel free to ask or check out my other non demo fonts at:
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