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Freeport Go Away font

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Freeport Go Away font by Gunarta
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It had been decades for Freeport extracting my country wealth. Freeport 'stole' billions ton of gold, silver and copper from biggest gold mine in the world (Papua Province, Indonesia). Freeport pay very tiny number of tax to the government and bribe them all to deceive public of Indonesia. Although there's a big industry i.e Freeport, but they never care about the living of people around them.

The mine accident that recently happened had killed and injured several workers is the exact time to kick Freeport's ass to go away from Indonesia.


It's free for personal and commercial users. Wise to use this font. Not permitted for pornographic using, sarcasm, and other negative aims.

>>>>>Donation is highly appreciated<<<<<

Donation will help me to elevate my creativity and finance my school necessity. You can donate me in any level of dollar at my paypal account or if you didn't have paypal account, you can transfer your donation to my bank account (Bank Mandiri, contact me for the number).

And for me, donation is not just about money. You can donate me by send me books or e-books (I'd like to read a lot), apparel, vouchers, CDs, certificates, etc., especially something containing my font.

And if you didn't have money or things to donate, so, please make people around you happy. Let's make a better place, heal the world.

Forever, thank you :)

Freeport Go Away sample text
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  • dexsarharryfonts avatar
    Font yang keren & sangat nasionalis!
    Sukses Terus!!! 😄
  • Gunarta avatar
    makasih bro,
    Amiin 😃
  • dougbutner avatar
    This is one of those fonts you just look at and ideas hit your head so hard your hat won't fit ya
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Gunarta avatar Gunarta

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