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HFF Low Sun font

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HFF Low Sun font by Have Fun with Fonts
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Can you name the font that looks like HFF Low Sun in the Solotype Catalog?

Clue: The look-alike of HFF Low Sun does not have a matching digital font
in Solopedia.

The alternates for letters A, E and Y are found in the breve (U+02D8),
dotaccent (U+02D9) and hungarianumlaut or double acute (U+02DD) positions,
respectively. A larger version of the 'sta r' used for the bullet character
is found in the ogonek (U+02DB) position. The H F F ligature is found in
the macron (U+00AF) position. Other glyphs are in their appropriate
positions. HFF Low Sun has a complete Latin 1 (Windows 1252 Latin 1
Western) character set, that is, if you do not mind the misappropriation of
the macron glyph.

HFF Low Sun is free for personal, non-commercial use. Make me rich if you
are going to use HFF Low Sun for commercial purposes. I strongly urge you
to see your shrink if you somehow thought of using HFF Low Sun for a
commercial project .

HFF Low Sun sample text
HFF Low Sun (1.0 [13 March) HFF Low Sun.otfView Font Info 229 characters — View All

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HFF Low Sun is based on Luzon Script, originally a photo/film type first published in the 1950's. There is no known digitization of Luzon Script as of the date of release of HFF Low Sun. Luzon Script has a showing on page 106 of the Solotype Catalog. <br> <br>HFF Low Sun should not be included in internet font archives or on any other font compilations without my permission. Email me if you want to include HFF Low Sun in your font archive. <br> <br>An expanded version of this font with over 400 glyphs supporting Latin 1 Western, Latin 2 Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish and other Latin codepages, is available. Email me for details. <br> <br>HFF <br> <br>March 13, 2013


HFF Low Sun © Have Fun with Fonts, 2013. Free for personal, non-commercial use only


TERMS OF USE <br> <br>=========== <br>HFF Low Sun <br>=========== <br> <br>HFF Low Sun is free for personal and/or non-commercial use. <br> <br>You can use HFF Low Sun to your heart's content if it is only to be used on your own computer, for your school projects or for anything that you and/or the entity you represent will not get paid or make a profit. <br> <br>Send an email to to inquire about the use of HFF Low Sun for purposes that is not covered by the free use conditions stated above. I would like to know how and where you are going to use the font. <br> <br>The use of HFF Low Sun as a web font on a web site that have text, banner and other form of advertisement is not considered as personal use. Web sites of business and/or commercial entities even without advertisements must get a license for the use of HFF Low Sun as a web font. Send an email to for details. <br> <br>HFF Low Sun should not be included in font archives and other sites that makes available the font for download without my expressed permission. Likewise, HFF Low Sun should not be included in font compilations stored in any media without permission. Send an email to to request permission. <br> <br>HFF <br>
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Digitized and expanded by Have Fun with Fonts


1.0 [13 March 2013]


HFF Low Sun is a trademark of Have Fun with Fonts


Have Fun with Fonts
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