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Miludaland font

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Miludaland font by heaven castro
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This font, made by me, is the another faux-Cyrillic font with a derivation of Dilyana font. It is made out of Montserrat font.
The capital "Q" had been a Glagolitic capital letter "Ⱉ(Otъ)"(due to any Cyrillic glyphs that look like the latin capital letter "Q" didn't been exsisted in Dilyana font).
Enjoy this font.

Public sighting: This KanColle fanart found on Pixiv.

Miludaland sample text
Miludaland (Version 1.0) Miludaland.ttfView Font Info 156 characters — View All

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  • heavencastro avatar
    What is it? I spotted my font in a KanColle fan art!!
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