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Scrapbook Chinese font by Helena Jole
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Random Chinese characters for decorative purposes; not intended as a language font.

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  • Deslauren284 avatar
    i like chinese writing it fun to play around with LOL!!!!
  • tatsoul avatar
    how accurate is this ?
  • HelenaJole avatar
    @tatsoul They're real characters. I used to have a key hosted on Comcast, but they stopped their hosting service and I haven't uploaded it anywhere else. In general I tried to group things thematically according to where they are on the keyboard.

    Capital letters:
    A=spring, S=summer, D=autumn, }= winter
    E=fire, R=water, T=wood, Y=metal/gold, U=ground/earth.
    I=north, O=south, P=east, {=west.
    Q=sun, W=moon, C=heaven/sky, M=star, F=light.

    lowercase letters:
    q=love, w=beautiful, e=happiness, r=friendship, t=smile/laughter, y=kindness, u=grace, o=good/complete, p=luck, a=blessing/fortune, s=peace/safety, d=peace/comfort, f=peace/harmony, g=eternity, h=life, j=birth/life, z=life/destiny, k=health, l=heart/mind (one of my favorites--it looks like a penguin) c=loyalty, m=strength/power

    (There's more, this is just a quick overview.)

    These days you can get better results with a translator and a real Chinese font. I made this years ago when such things seemed harder to come by. 😄
  • yunji12 avatar
    Can I redistribute FONT in APP?
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