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Ancient Geek font by I Shot the Serif
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Have you ever tried to read Greek lettering (like the name of a
fraternity) pronouncing each letter like the Latin letter it looks
like instead of how the Greek letter is supposed to be pronounced?
That is what this font is based on. I took all the Greek letters
and matched them up with the Latin alphabet letters they look like.
Delta, for instance, shows up as an A. I threw out all the Greek
letters that didn't look like anything and filled in the remaining
characters with the regular Latin alphabet. The result is that you
can type out a phrase and it will look like Greek lettering while
being perfectly readable English.

Ancient Geek sample text
Ancient Geek (Version 1.01) GEEK.TTF — View Font Info 90 characters — View All


  • GuerillaGrafix avatar
    Nice Font. Appreciate the Download. I saw ths a few times on some College Night flyers and liked how it was different than the regular college fonts and cleaner than the Greek fonts. Good shit
    -Guerilla Grafix
  • kwsta avatar
    Nice Font
  • stephcarson avatar
    Except I want the D to be a D. 😞 I need Greek!
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