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Schneidler Halb Fette Trash font

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Schneidler Halb Fette Trash font by Intellecta Design
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Schneidler Halb Fette Trash non-commercial version, by Intellecta Design

Schneidler Halb Fette Trash is a non-commercial version with a different style set than the original font. To purchase the original Schneidler Halb Fette and commercial licences, please, visit: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/intellecta/schneidler-halb-fette-deutsch/

Visit my commercial library : http://new.myfonts.com/foundry/Intellecta_Design/?refby=paulow

INTELLECTA DESIGN makes research and development of fonts with historical and artistical relevant forms. This font is a FREE software for personal and non-commercial use only. But donations for my HISTORICAL STUDIES about the history of the letters, calligraphy and typography are accept ed. Thi s font is for unlimite d distribution, since attac hed in a file zip t o gether with this t ext . For co mmercial use you need register this software by sending U$ 15,00 to the following paypal account - estiliza@gmail.com - After that, you need sent me a e-mail (paulo.w.designer@gmail.com), so I will send to you a legal permission to use the font.


If you want to use this font FULL LIFE without any restrictions, you can also place a link to my site in your website. If you create any work of artistic nature with this font, I will be glad to publish it in social networks. See my entire profesional commercial font library (OVER 500 FONTS) at http://new.myfonts.com/search/intellecta/fonts/?sort=sales?refby=paulow

sincerely, Paulo W

Donations are appreciated!

SchneidlerHalbFetteTrash sample text
SchneidlerHalbFetteTrash (Version 1.000 2) Schneidler Halb Fette Trash Free.otfView Font Info 63 characters — View All


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Copyright (c) 2012 by Paulo W, Intellecta Design. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2012 by Paulo W, Intellecta Design. All rights reserved.


Version 1.000 2012 initial release


Schneidler Halb Fette Trash is a trademark of Paulo W, Intellecta Design.


Paulo W, Intellecta Design

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