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California Zephyr font

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California Zephyr font by Joey Lopez Design
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California Zephyr is an original display typeface by Joey Lopez, inspired by art deco railroad liveries.

California Zephyr sample text
California Zephyr (Version 1.001 2) California Zephyr.ttfView Font Info 129 characters — View All


  • julico18 avatar
    it's sooooo darn cool!!!!
  • joeylopez avatar
    Oh thank you! it's my first, more on the way 😄
  • KimHawthorne avatar
    Love this font.
  • Sylphia avatar
    Hello Joey,
    What a great font. We made a the journey with the California Zephyr last year April and for my photobook i was looking for images and than I found this great font. It is beautiful. And now I am going to use your font in my photobook, I hope you do not mind. I have to "refont" 120 pages 😄 But it is worth it.
    Thank you.

    What was the inspiration for you make this font?
  • joeylopez avatar
    @Sylphia Thanks so much Sylphia, of course! The font is free for personal use. 😄
    The inspiration was the California Zephyr that was previously at Disney California Adventure park, a locomotive and cars converted into a restaurant and store - the Art Deco styling as well as it's hand-painted numbers and livery were something I wanted to capture but that I knew already existed as a digital typeface. I wanted to create something a little more legible and general purposed that could be used to convey an Art Deco and a futurist feeling, with a more contemporary weight system.

    Thanks again for the compliment Sylphia, have a great day!
  • Sylphia avatar
    Hello Joey,
    Today my photobook arrived with your beautiful font in it.
    I like to thank you indeed that you posted this beautiful font. If you like I can sent you a link with the pfotbook, so you can see how your font was used.
    With kind regards,

  • joeylopez avatar
    @Sylphia Hi Sylphia! Yes please! I'd love to see it, my email is
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Copyright (c) 2011 by Joey Lopez. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2011 by Joey Lopez. All rights reserved.


Joey Lopez


Version 1.001 2011


California Zephyr is a trademark of Joey Lopez.


Joey Lopez