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Admiration Pains font

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Admiration Pains  font by Jonathan S. Harris
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Admiration Pains  sample text
Admiration Pains (Version 1.00 Fe) Admiration Pains.ttfView Font Info 109 characters — View All


  • MiffinFonts avatar
    Very nice! 😃
  • MzPepper avatar
    I 'almost' love this one... unfortunately, the formation of the N and M's make it a rather difficult read especially when paired with the i's (which have no dots, thus making it even harder to read). For instance the 'Pains' looks like Pauns, and the Admiration looks a bit like Adnization

    Otherwise, it's pretty awesome.
  • HanlizGatz11 avatar
    nice one
  • Snowfont123 avatar
    I love this one definitely one of my favorites.
  • Snowfont123 avatar
    @MzPepper your right its is hard to read in some letters but the whole font is really pretty especially with the capitalized "p"
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Added (almost 6 years ago) by
TattooWoo avatar TattooWoo
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This font was created using FontCreator 6.0 from High-Logic.com


Admiration Pains © (TattooWoo.com). 2013. All Rights Reserved


Version 1.00 February 24, 2013, initial release