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  • alyrocks avatar
    This is my favorite font from FontSpace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • anna62 avatar
    enfin je l'ai trouvé !!!! j'adooooooooore !!!!?
  • Pianoplayer21 avatar
    GREAT FONT!!!!!!!
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Added (almost 10 years ago)


julesgirltalk © 1999 julesart <br> <br>Julesgirltalk was designed with my teenage neices in mind. I thought it would be funky to have the whole alphabet in lower case and have little pictures instead of upper case, which could be typed out and included in between sentences or even as a kind of secret code. If you love this font, please check out the julesart website, which specialises in artyfarty stuff. <br> <br>http://www.urgentartwork.co.nz <br>


Copyright (c) julesart 1999. julianne@xtra.co.nz All rights reserved.


Julianne Emerald Pearce, of PO Box 30048, Christchurch 8246, New Zealand, asserts her right as creator of these fonts, to be the sole means of distribution of any of the julesart fonts. <br> <br>These fonts may NOT be reproduced, sold, or redistributed in any way, but *may* be included in commercial font CDs only with written permission from Julianne Pearce at the above address and by following the Professional Use instructions. <br> <br>USE OF JULESART FONTs: <br>By installing these fonts, you agree to not use them in graphics for any pornographic purpose or on any pornographic website or for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purpose which is prohibited by law. <br> <br>julesart fonts are letterware (not compulsory) - it would be cool if whoever wants to use them could write a letter using the fonts and then send it from where ever they are in the world to my little daughter. She was born 2 Jan 1995 if you want to send her a letter in the font on her birthday. (She has also begun publishing her own fonts and if you include your email address she may send a gift to you of a little something of hers.) <br> <br>Her address is: <br>Felicity Pearce <br>PO Box 30-048 <br>Christchurch 8246 <br>New Zealand <br> <br>If you would like to be added to my mailing list to be informed of release of fonts I am currently working on, please go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/julesart. <br> <br>PROFESSIONAL USE: <br>You *do* have permission to use these fonts professionally, however this is on the condition that, <br>- You have paid for the fonts in full. If you haven't paid for the font at the source of download, please make a US$5 payment via Paypal to the email address j@nzwebs.com naming the publication which will be using the font(s). <br> <br>- credit is given in the publication as follows <br>"font [fontname] by Julianne Pearce, New Zealand www.urgentartwork.co.nz c 2000" where [fontname] is the name of the font you choose to use. <br> <br>- On publication of your work or on release of each publication, you provide a gift code or key to download from the internet to j@nzwebs.com <br> <br>OR post a complimentary copy to: <br> <br>Julianne Pearce <br>Box 30048 <br>Christchurch <br>New Zealand 8246 <br> <br>OR email the graphic image to j@nzwebs.com <br> <br>If you carry out the above, you may have unlimited use in the named publication. <br> <br>Regards <br>Julianne Pearce <br>julesart <br>font creator <br>
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julesart mailto:julianne@xtra.co.nz


Version 1.25, third release, 1999


julesgirltalk is a trademark of julesart.


Urgent Artwork
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