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Singothic font by Kiwi Media
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If you're a big Nine Inch Nails fan then maybe you'll recognize
this. The single for the song "Sin" had a post-modern deconstructionist
pseudo-gothic (or something) font used for writing the word "Sin" and the
acronym "NIN." I was kinda bored, thought it looked kinda cool, and
decided to extrapolate an entire font from it. Some characters worked
better than others, but the general effect is there. It should make a
kind of interesting gothic-type font; I wouldn't go off and write any
business letters with it. It's just for fun, really. This is, by the
way, the second revision of this font, with slightly cleaner generation
and extra characters.

Singothic Regular sample text
Singothic Regular (Altsys Fontogra) SI.TTFView Font Info 144 characters — View All

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  • SinSitySinderella avatar
    Thank you so much for this, I imagine it was quite a bit of work! I Love this logo So much.
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