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Working on making better fonts every time... hope u like it :)

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  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    You are doing better 😄 Keep at it!
  • viperrific avatar
    What's with all the fonts with little hearts? It seems like a trend. (Vanessa, are you responsible for this? 😄 )'s nice, although a little too "chick" for my taste. I could have some fun with a version minus the hearts, though.
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @viperrific HA HA HA I found you again... and I was JUST thinking that. I always try to make 2 versions. If you look real close on mine, you will find the sans hearts, and that heart version 😉 Again, great font!
  • BTTFaddict avatar
    @ByTheButterfly and @viperrific haha thanks idk i made hearts coz i was bored and idk but my bubble letter one is comin soon each letter has a different design and it looks better when its big btw
  • viperrific avatar
    @BTTFaddict: Cool! I'll be keeping an eye out for it! (an eye, and a forked tongue, and an infrared-sensing pit....).

    I'd forgotten all about Valentine's Day! Doubtless that's the reason why there are suddenly so many heart-themed fonts.
    Hope everybody had a good one — oodles of love! (the platonic sort of love, that is)

    p.s. Amusing idea du jour: a heart-deco font that includes the (ancient) Greek alphabet, with all the innumerable little diacritics represented by hearts? (A little treat for all those graduate students in the classics, linguistics, philosophy, Bible studies, etc., out there who are trying to learn classical Greek 😄 )
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AKrueger2018 (C) 2013


Lanier My Font Tool for Tablet PC 1.0


This font created with My Font Tool for Tablet PC, developed by Philip Lanier 2004