Written language info for Chakma (Chakma)

Language info for Chakma written in the Chakma script

A written language is the representation of a spoken or gestural language by means of a writing system. When dealing with fonts, we are dealing with a written language, and not a spoken language. A particular language can be written in a single or multiple scripts.

Chakma can also be written using the Bangla script

Characters used for writing

Standard (52 characters)

The minimal characters required for this language

\ U 0 1 2 𑄃 𑄄 𑄅 𑄆 𑄇 𑄈 𑄉 𑄊 𑄋 𑄌 𑄍 𑄎 𑄏 𑄐 𑄑 𑄒 𑄓 𑄔 𑄕 𑄖 𑄗 𑄘 𑄙 𑄚 𑄛 𑄜 𑄝 𑄞 𑄟 𑄠 𑄡 𑄢 𑄣 𑄤 𑄥 𑄦 7 8 9 A B 𑄬 D E F 3 4
Punctuation (36 characters)

The marks used to separate sentences and to clarify meaning

\ - , ; : ! ? 𑅃 . 𑅁 𑅂 𑅀 ' " ( ) [ ] § @ * / & #
Unicode Blocks

This language uses characters from the following blocks:

Fonts for writing Chakma in the Chakma script

There are 1 fonts for writing Chakma with full character support (combined standard characters, auxiliary characters, and punctuation characters).

Language population

The worldwide literate language population is 706,162 people across 2 countries.
Country Language literate population Country population
India 358,943 (50.83%) 1,281,940,000 (0%)
Bangladesh 347,219 (49.17%) 157,827,000 (0.2%)