Written language info for Tigrinya (Ethiopic)

Language info for Tigrinya written in the Ethiopic script

A written language is the representation of a spoken or gestural language by means of a writing system. When dealing with fonts, we are dealing with a written language, and not a spoken language. A particular language can be written in a single or multiple scripts.

Characters used for writing

Standard (44 characters)

The minimal characters required for this language

Auxiliary (131 characters)

Additional letters (beyond the minimal set) used in foreign or technical words found in typical magazines, newspapers, etc..

Punctuation (12 characters)

The marks used to separate sentences and to clarify meaning

\ - , ; : ! ? . ( ) [ ]
Unicode Blocks

This language uses characters from the following blocks:

Fonts for writing Tigrinya in the Ethiopic script

Language population

The worldwide literate language population is 9,882,311 people across 3 countries.
Country Language literate population Country population
Ethiopia 6,321,000 (63.96%) 105,350,000 (6%)
Eritrea 3,551,352 (35.94%) 5,918,920 (60%)
Israel 9,959 8,299,710 (0.1%)