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About Luis Smart TX Font

Luis Smart TX is a Young font family with 2 styles that was created by LJ Design Studios in . It was added to FontSpace on

Luis Smart TX is licensed as Freeware, Non-Commercial, which means it is free for personal use only. To use the font commercially, you will need to purchase a license or contact LJ Design Studios

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More Information

This typeface was designed with a corporate purpose for which its use is only reduced to private, not inflict the copyright and buyer.

But equally it is free to the public but with the condition that no commercial use in advertising.

Designed by Luis Jaramillo for CFC Youth Tierralta rights reserved.

Este fuente tipográfica fue diseñada con un fin corporativo, por lo cual su uso solo se reduce a personal, para no infligir los derechos del autor y del comprador.

Pero de igual manera es gratuita al publico pero con la condición de no usarla en publicidad comercial.

Diseñada por Luis Jaramillo para CFC Jóvenes de Tierralta derechos reservados.

2 Fonts Included

Bold TrueTypeMore Info 84 glyphs / 122 chars View Charmap
Preview image for Luis Smart TX
Luis Smat TX Normal Bold TrueTypeMore Info 78 glyphs / 118 chars View Charmap
Preview image for Luis Smat TX Normal Bold

Font Styles


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Basic Info

Font Name Luis Smart TX
File Name Luis Smart TX Bold.otf
File Size 229kb
Created 10/22/2014 5:09:58 PM
Modified 10/23/2014 3:50:24 PM
Glyph Type TrueType
# Glyphs 84
# Characters 122


Designne by Luis Jaramillo for LJ-Desing Studios


LJ Studios Fonts © - LJ Design. 2014. All Rights Reserved


Luis Jaramillo


Version 1.00 October 22, 2014, initial release

Basic Info

Font Name Luis Smat TX Normal Bold
File Name Luis Smat TX Normal Bold.otf
File Size 9kb
Created 10/24/2014 7:24:43 AM
Modified 10/24/2014 10:38:27 AM
Glyph Type TrueType
# Glyphs 78
# Characters 118


This font was created using FontCreator 8.0 from


Typeface © (your company). 2014. All Rights Reserved


Version 1.00 October 24, 2014, initial release