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FixCystNeon font by Metaphase Brothel Graphix
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FixCystNeon is a retro display face based on the IBM system font Terminal, which is still used in DOS Command Prompt. If used properly, it can also create seamless white or coloured text on a black background at some, but not all point sizes. This font is huge at 72 points so that the Inline feature does not degrade above eight points. Six to Twelve points are the most useful sizes.

FixCystNeon sample text
FixCystNeon (Version 1.000 2) FixCystNeon.ttfView Font Info 153 characters — View All

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  • WolfBainX avatar
    This is excellent bob! I can see this being used in a lot of games in the future!
    Best Regards,
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Copyright (c) bobistheowl for Metaphase Brothel Graphix, 2010. All rights reserved. Based on the IBM system font Terminal, c. 1981. Use the broken bar key, [Shift + Backslash], or Alt + 124 to make a black space. Please refer to the read me document for specific instructions for the use of white text on black background. Free!


Version 1.000 2010