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Bright Like A Diamond font

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Bright Like A Diamond font by Misti's Fonts
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Type for the shining diamond
Type >> for the Tall diamond

FYI: If you are having trouble with the symbols showing up, please try my MF Dings 2 font set for the symbols!

My fonts are free for PERSONAL use only. For any commercial use (anything you make money from), you must send a paypal donation.

Please visit my website www.mistifonts.com to see my affordable prices.

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Bright Like A Diamond sample text
Bright Like A Diamond (Version 001.000) Bright Like A Diamond.ttfView Font Info 220 characters — View All


  • MistiFonts avatar
    @Tarensha I'm not quite sure what you're asking. What do you mean exactly?
  • andrewijayakusuma avatar
  • MistiFonts avatar
    @andrewijayakusuma Thanks!
  • Tarensha avatar
    @mistifonts i mean i already download the font .. But in my computer is like a normal font , not a font what i download it ..
  • MistiFonts avatar
    @Tarensha I sent you a private message to assist you 😄
  • CharliCharliCharliFontForever avatar
    OMG, this is so totally awesome! Keep shining bright like a diamond! <3 This is my most favorite font ever! Thumbs up & TY! 😃
  • MistiFonts avatar
    @CharliCharliCharliFontForever I'm glad you like it! I made it a long time ago 😃 <3
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Copyright (c) 2013 by Misti's Fonts (Misti Hammers). All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2013 by Misti's Fonts (Misti Hammers). All rights reserved.


Misti's Fonts (Misti Hammers)


Version 001.000


Bright Like A Diamond is a trademark of Misti's Fonts (Misti Hammers).


Misti's Fonts (Misti Hammers)