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Shooting Stars font

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Shooting Stars font by Misti's Fonts
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This font has a "t" that curls over. It can be accessed with the _ key (underscore). It only works properly with the following letters: a, c, e, m, n, o, s.

Example: If you spell the word 'Dreamt', you would type D-r-e-a-m and then an underscore to get the "t" that curls over :) Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you the best I can :D

NOTE: This will not show up properly on Fontspace, but will work in any program that supports kerning. This font contains many kerning pairs that will not show up here, but will in programs such as Gimp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, and any other programs that support kerning.

Shooting Stars sample text
Shooting Stars (Version 1.00 Fe) shooting-stars.ttfView Font Info 98 characters — View All


  • MiffinFonts avatar
    @WolfLambert Thanks so much!
  • hevbee avatar
    Totally awesome 😄
  • MiffinFonts avatar
    @hevbee Thanks! 😃
  • nymphont avatar
    Wow, so cute!
  • MiffinFonts avatar
    @nymphont Thanks so much!!! 😃
  • MiffinFonts avatar
    @WolfLambert Good point! Thanks for the suggestion 😃
  • Ladyluuluu avatar
    This looks so awesome! cx
  • EmmaLemonade avatar
    My most favorite Miffin Font 😃 <3
  • bridgettemoss72 avatar
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Shooting Stars © MiffinFonts. 2013. All Rights Reserved


Mist's Fonts


Version 1.00 February 25, 2013, initial release


Shooting Stars ® Trademark of MiffinFonts.