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About Connie Font

Connie is a decorative font that was created by Nymphont in . It was added to FontSpace on

Connie is licensed as Freeware, commercial use requires donation, which means it is free for personal use only. If you want to use it commercially, you will have to purchase a license or contact Nymphont

If you like this font, please send some love to Nymphont and Donate

If you need to contact the designer, you can Email Nymphont

Note from Designer

Free for personal use. Donate to use commercially. Email me at nymphont at yahoo dot com for more info.

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  • MiffinFonts avatar
    OMG I love this!!! One of my best girlfriend's name is Connie 😄

  • nymphont avatar
    Really? XD Thanks so much 😃
  • nymphont avatar
    @MiffinFonts oopsie, that last comment was to you. XD Thanks so much 😃
  • KSA avatar
    This is gorgeous, I have saved many of your fonts...they are all beautiful.
  • nymphont avatar
    @KSA Thank you so much 😃
  • TripleAsh19 avatar
    best font ever :") thanks
  • nymphont avatar
    @TripleAsh19 ! Thank you so much 😃 I am glad you like it 😃
  • Cheyenne71 avatar
    Gorgeous! This will be used very often. All of your fonts are just amazing. Thank you.
  • nymphont avatar
    @Cheyenne71 You are very welcome, thank you 😄 I am glad you like it 😄
  • Caz1951 avatar
    I love this font!! I can see me using it a lot. Thanks bunches 😄
  • nymphont avatar
    @Caz1951 You are very welcome, thank you so much! I am glad you like it. 😃
  • chuckcreasy avatar
    great font! used it twice already. love it.
  • xxBillionYears avatar
    nice font! 😄
  • shannanking avatar
    this is amazballs i love it 😉
  • grrfluudy avatar
    Thank you!! This is amazing!
  • revs94 avatar
    Can i know what Font type it falls in like serif or sans serif or something like that? pll
  • Lilyjones avatar
    Perfect!....just Perfect x
  • flutekid14 avatar
    This is very pretty!
  • Bluegrasslass avatar
    Very nice.....thank you 😄
  • conniemurer avatar
    love it, as my name is Connie- great to have a font in my honor!!
  • mike3d0g avatar
    Accessible, elegant -- I really love this font. It's a really nice touch to include "No." for number.
  • terhasgirlloveit avatar
    this is nice 😄 i really think that's it's unique and cute @nymphont
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Inspired by a lovely time, dedicated with love to CMZ.


Copyright © Lauren Thompson (Nymfont/Nymphont) 2013.


Free for personal use. A donation is required for commercial uses and web-embedding. <br>I accept donations through PayPal, you can donate to directly to email address: A PayPal account is not required, donations can be placed without a PayPal account using any major credit card. Donations can be made with a credit card using the "donate" button on this page of my website <br> <br>Please read the .txt file that should accompany this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email to receive one. <br>
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Version 1.00 March 7, 2013, initial release


Please refer to the Copyright section for the font trademark attribution notices.


Lauren Thompson
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