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About Xiomara Font

Xiomara is a Cyrillic font that was created by Nymphont in . It was added to FontSpace on

Xiomara is licensed as Freeware, commercial use requires donation, which means it is free for personal use only. To use the font commercially, you will need to purchase a license or contact Nymphont

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Upright connected script by Lauren Thompson. Like most script fonts, not intended to be used in "all-caps" settings.

Free for personal use. Commercial use requires donation. Email [email protected] for information.

Regular TrueTypeMore Info 744 glyphs / 821 chars View Charmap
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  • 1WeirdASH avatar
    Cute and pretty at the same time:)
  • nymphont avatar
    @1WeirdASH Thanks so much 😃
  • starsunflower avatar
  • nymphont avatar
    @starsunflower Thanks so much Su! I am so glad you like it!
  • hevbee avatar
    Thank you 😄
  • nymphont avatar
    @hevbee You are very welcome, thank you 😃
  • brittney avatar
    This is so cool!
  • swaggy111115 avatar
    @starsunflower no YOU are gorgeous 😉
  • wannascrap13 avatar
    this is awesome! Thanks!
  • nymphont avatar
    @brittney Thank you 😃
  • nymphont avatar
    @wannascrap13 You are welcome, thank you 😃
  • gibb1233 avatar
    i love this!!
  • nymphont avatar
    @gibb1233 Thank you, I am glad you like it! 😃
  • fontologist avatar
    Different from all the scripts out there, and it joins up so well at all sizes - what a lot of work! I love the way the v looks almost like a heart 😄
  • nymphont avatar
    @fontologist Thank you so much, I am glad you like it 😃
  • Zeyad1 avatar
    Amazing Font 😄 , Thanks 😃
  • Desabelle avatar
    Love it!
  • nymphont avatar
    @Zeyad1 You are very welcome, I am glad you like it 😃 Thank you 😃
  • nymphont avatar
    @Desabelle Thanks so much, I am glad you like it 😃
  • burgobby avatar
    love this font <3
  • nymphont avatar
    @burgobby I am glad you like it, thank you!
  • Zeyad1 avatar
    I Use This Font In All Designs 😄
  • NurseJules avatar
    Love it!! Sweet, charming & beautiful all wrapped in one amazing font! You are so creative with your font-creating skills...

    (p.s. hope you don't mind me asking, but just how difficult is it to make fonts?
  • nymphont avatar
    @Zeyad1 I am glad you like it 😄
  • nymphont avatar
    @NurseJules Hi, thanks so much for your kind comment on my font.

    How difficult is it to make fonts? Well.. there _is_ a _lot_ to learn and for me it's _always_ a learning experience and process making fonts. It's very time consuming and or is difficult if you want to make really good fonts. I have been making fonts for about five years or so now, and I am so glad that I tried it. 😄
  • NurseJules avatar
    @nymphont Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I'm a true fontaholic, and I've always wondered how difficult it was to make fonts. I might give it a try, but then again, with such talented font creators out there who are so gracious to offer their beautiful fonts for free, I may take the lazy way out and rely on your creative talents. Thanks again, nymphont! Looking forward to see many more of your font creations!! 😉 ~ J
  • nymphont avatar
    @NurseJules No problem, you are very welcome. I would highly recommend giving it a try ( font designing) if you have a desire to do so. Designing type is one of my most favorite things. I use FontLab and FontCreator, the latter of which is a very simple program so it's easy to learn with. 😄 There is always room for more type! <3
  • cassyxoxo avatar
    So awesome:)
  • nymphont avatar
    @cassyxoxo Thank you, I am glad you like it 😃
  • KottonKandy avatar
    I love this font! amazing! make more!
  • nymphont avatar
    @KottonKandy Aw thank you so much, I am glad you like it 😃 (And I am making more, stay tuned he he XD)
  • Slpalinski73 avatar
    Is this not compatible with an iPad?
  • princesssasha avatar
    I love this font. It's fantastic. I'll use it all the time when I need it. Thank you 😄
  • 123490 avatar
  • nymphont avatar
    @princesssasha Thank you I am glad you like it.
  • nymphont avatar
    @123490 Thanks... I think ;P
  • nymphont avatar
    @Slpalinski73 I don't think so... sorry.
  • cooks88 avatar
    What a pretty font. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • nymphont avatar
    @cooks88 Thanks so much 😃
  • kmcg avatar
    gorgeous - the "L" is my favourite!
  • flutekid14 avatar
    This font is cute, fresh, and ridiculously sweet. I adore Xiomara!
  • LexAndCompany avatar
    So cute & sweet & pretty. Thank you for sharing!
  • nymphont avatar
    @kmcg Thanks so much 😃 I am glad you like it 😃
  • nymphont avatar
    @flutekid14 Thank you so much for your kind words on my work it means a lot to me 😃
  • nymphont avatar
    @LexAndCompany You are very welcome, thank you so much for your kind comment 😃 I am glad you like it 😃
  • cobblerelf123 avatar
    That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo G!!!!!!!!!
  • huntaaxx3 avatar
    I love this font so much! its my favorite, im going to tell my friends to come to FontSpace and tell them to use yours, its amazingly beautiful <3 I love it .
  • mominah avatar
    sexy 4 my bf
  • SuyogJadhav avatar
    nice font.
  • mightyemzz avatar
    So cool everyone please check out me!
  • ParadoxCity avatar
    Thanks! This is so going on fan memorabilia!
  • laeeun1223 avatar
    Wow cutest font EVER!
  • wildflower111 avatar
    This is my favorite font. Took me forever to finally find one I like the best. Thanks so much!
  • LucyB164 avatar
    OMG I LOVE THIS FONT! thx..........
  • LucyB164 avatar
    I <3 it
  • LucyB164 avatar
  • luciasheehy avatar
    My Favorite writing on the whole website
  • applemunch123 avatar
    love it <3
  • timgeaney avatar
    Can you tell me what donation is required for commercial use. Thanks.
  • zangetsu avatar
    happy new year
  • IRisHLaINe12 avatar
    I love It https://www.facebook.com/IECpage.OwnerIrish?ref=hl
  • thatagency avatar
    nice !!
  • jocurios avatar
    another cool girly font
  • ronzky avatar
  • sahiranetball avatar
    this font is great and awesome sadly i cant download it
  • grrfluudy avatar
    Thanks so much! Gorgeous font!
  • ConnorsFonts avatar
    Cool font!
  • angelicamaerizmindoro5 avatar
    cooler fonts i like it.
  • AnushaDaGr8 avatar
    I love this font!
  • SculptureTime avatar
    So cute and pretty, used it a bunch of times thanks for making this! This is so awesome! 😉 <3
  • DilrubaDilu avatar
    I LuV It....!!!
  • MeridaEvangelineBucksworth avatar
    Wow!! I luuuuuuv it!!! 😸😻😺😹😼😽😾
  • 217wildfire avatar
    Wow I love this font it came in so much use 😉
  • Joycee avatar
    This font is pretty . I enjoy it !
  • porsier avatar
    very nice!
  • CottonCandy avatar
  • sugarsweetXD avatar
    It is not insanely amazing, but it is pretty good.
  • VexonzHeartz avatar
  • VexonzHeartz avatar
    <3 <3
  • liligili333 avatar
    i love this!
  • Miuverthon avatar
    This font is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for gracing us all with your skill. <3
  • fizzyhotchick1 avatar
  • fancyfontlover avatar
    Amazing font thank you
  • cupcakesrock1011 avatar
    Cool font!
  • CharliCharliCharli avatar
    Wow! OMG, you can use this font for ANY kind of occasion. This is totally getting popular I see this font during events 2x every month
  • applecinnamonpie10 avatar
    such a sweet and feminine font 😄 super like! absolutely love!
  • YoungFontDesignersClub avatar
    This is such a great font! It's perfectly PERFECT lol ❤ 😃 😄 😉
  • serluna41 avatar
    @1WeirdASH buen fondo, me encanto
  • marty39 avatar
    I looked at Xiomara for some clues to some of the more rarely used Cyrillic script characters, and I was blown away. Your Cyrillic forms are fantastic--and yet perfectly readable. So are your Greek forms. I suppose there is less room for inventiveness in the Chinese and Japanese characters.

    I know very little about Arabic script, except that a lot of people use it, it has a lot of contextual alternates, and it has a rich tradition of calligraphy. Have you ever thought of working in that script?

    BTW Champagne & Limousines is another winner.
  • MarkoTomas avatar
    I like it!
  • terhasgirlloveit avatar
    I REALLY like it! 😄 😄 XD
  • terhasgirlloveit avatar
    @CottonCandy nICEEE
  • PinkLemonadeLove avatar
    So loopy and beautiful - just lovely!
  • TylerKeeper avatar
    Could you please add: "Peso Currency" (₱)?
  • Badrul07 avatar
    Joss really sungar Font mirip cacing 😃
  • cherylnegs avatar
    Love this font... I used it for a tattoo dedicated to a friend that passed away. Feminine and super cute
  • TheShanoGamer avatar
    You are a lovely human being, I appreciate it when fonts are made comprehensively! Amazing!
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Basic Info

Font Name Xiomara
File Name Xiomara-Script.ttf
File Size 241kb
Created 3/26/2013 2:35:37 AM
Modified 3/4/2014 4:54:21 AM
Glyph Type TrueType
# Glyphs 744
# Characters 821


A playful hand-made script by Lauren Thompson. Best used in typical settings with capitals used when appropriate, not intended for "all caps" use.


© Lauren Thompson (Nymfont/Nymphont) 2013. All rights reserved.


Free for personal use. A donation is required for commercial uses and web-embedding. <br>I accept donations through PayPal, you can donate to directly to email address: [email protected] A PayPal account is not required, donations can be placed without a PayPal account using any major credit card. Donations can be made with a credit card using the "donate" button on this page of my website http://www.nymfont.com/2009/06/fonts.html <br> <br>Please read the .txt file that should accompany this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email [email protected] to receive one.
More info


Version 1.40 March 4, 2014


Lauren Thompson
More info