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You are my Princess~ font

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You are my Princess~ font by Phantomhive Company
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bleghhhhhhh, I've been crying all day cuz of these awesome yet sad vocaloid songs..... TT^TT **crys some more**

The songs are (and watch them in order, the last 2 you can watch in any order, just the first 3 first need to be watched!):
Aku no Musume (daughter of evil)
Aku no Meshitsukai (servant of evil)
Yowane Haku (daughter of white)
Message of Regret (though, "Regret Message" will get you better results when you search)

now go cry like I did/am doing... **bursts into tears, no seriously I did**
when you watch servant of evil you'll know where I was "inspired" to make this font

*about the songs: I don't know, they're all linked around the same story, you'll understand when you watch them all

You are my Princess~ sample text
You are my Princess~ (Lanier My Font) You are my Princess~.ttfView Font Info 104 characters — View All


  • kandichi avatar
    XDD When i saw this, i was like, 'is it referring to the Vocaloid song? ;A;'

    I agree, they're so sad. D;
  • scallywags avatar
    Not sure why I really like this font, but I really like it. Thanks...
  • KristinLi avatar
    how to type the crown one? don't get it 😞
  • fontspace avatar
    @KristinLi Use the '^' key.
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AutumnPandora avatar AutumnPandora


Demon Ciel (C) 2011


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This font created with My Font Tool for Tablet PC, developed by Philip Lanier 2004