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XiparosLombard font

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XiparosLombard font by Pia Frauss
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As to its lower case characters, the XiparosLombard font is identical with the XIPAROS font -- apart from the d, which has been replaced by a straight version. The upper case alphabet, however, consists of Lombardic capitals. Since they were taken out of a manuscript Bible some three hundred years younger than the charters that provided the lower case, I've to admit that they are much less austere, and much more rounded than contemporary ones would have been. But I thought it a charming contrast that might very well do till I find another lower case set, which matches the capitals better -- after all, I'm far from done with those old charters!

The XiparosLombard font contains no decorations, and you'll find all the brackets, curly brackets, and greater/less signs here that are lacking in the XIPAROS font, as well as the +, =, and bar sign. Do I need to mention that the number sign has taken the shape of a long s?

Update 2010 has redesigned all of the composite glyphs (correcting the dcaron, Lcaron/lcaron, and tcaron), and enlarged the dashes.

XiparosLombard sample text
XiparosLombard (Version 1.20 Ju) XipLmb2U.ttfView Font Info 373 characters — View All


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Version 1.20 June 2010, initial release March 2005