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About Might Chain Font

Might Chain is a bold font that was created by Pixel Kitchen in . It was added to FontSpace on

Might Chain is licensed as Public Domain, which means it is 100% free for both personal use and commercial use.

If you need to contact the designer, you can Email Pixel Kitchen

Note from Designer

Some kind of great big ol' chain!

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“Might Chain” was built with FontStruct<br>Designer description: <p>Some kind of great big ol' chain.</p><br><br><p>In retrospect, I think it looks like&nbsp;a jewelry chain from a dwarven civilization. Perhaps the hypothetical jeweler cut and ground the stones in an imitation of some dwarven font!</p><br><br><p>When glyphs are used in isolation, they somewhat resemble carved signets or seals. Increasing the letter spacing&nbsp;allows you to create a variation of the design. (This is something that must be done in-software since the font will render as monospaced by default.)</p><br><br><p>*</p><br><br><p><strong>12SEP2018:</strong> Added lowercase... the low resolution&nbsp;combined with the design method make it very difficult to render distinctive lowercase versions of every letter, but I'll keep working on it. There's a lot of similarity between pairs like S/5, Z/2, etc., so this font is most effectively used in forms of writing wherein context suffices to inform the reader as to the identity of each glyph (lists, prose, and&nbsp;technical writings). If you want to use this in a password system or something, I recommend using one case's glyphs only.</p><br><br><p>*</p><br><br><p><strong>Design Rules:</strong></p><br><br><p><strong>1.</strong> Negative spaces will be areas of 0.5 bricks' effective length or width.</p><br><br><p><strong>2.</strong> Negative spaces may exceed the 0.5 measurement only by increments of 0.5 and in only one dimension at a time.</p><br><br><p><strong>3.</strong> Glyphs will fill their&nbsp;framed canvasses to the greatest extent possible while adhering to the other rules.</p><br>


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