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Travelicons Font screenshot design
Travelicons Font screenshot design

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Travelicons is a Travel font that was created by Pixel Kitchen in . It was added to FontSpace on

Travelicons is licensed as Public Domain, which means it is 100% free for both personal use and commercial use.

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Public transport- and travel-related icons. I made this font for a contest in 2018. It doesn't have too much art in it, but there's a lot of variety. I hope it's useful to someone!

A legend is below. There's a few others scattered throughout the font, as well.

A - Airplane
B - Bus
C - Cable Car
D - Dirigible
E - Escalator
F - "Phone" Sign
G - Gondola
H - Helicopter
I - "Parking" Sign
J - "Lost & Found" Sign
K - "Luggage Claim" Sign
L - Locomotive
M - Maglev/Monorail Train
N - "Infirmary" Sign
O - Ocean Liner
P - APC/Armored Car
Q - Bus (front view)
R - Rickshaw
S - Sailboat
T - Trolley
U - Riverboat/Ferry
V - Van
W - Taxi
X - Boxcar
Y - Bike/Scooter
Z - Zeppelin

Regular TrueTypeMore Info 33 glyphs / 32 chars View Charmap
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Basic Info

Font Name Travelicons Regular
File Name Travelicons.ttf
File Size 28kb
Created 2/13/2019 3:03:58 PM
Modified 2/13/2019 3:03:58 PM
Glyph Type TrueType
# Glyphs 33
# Characters 32


“Travelicons” was built with FontStruct<br>Designer description: <p>Public transport &amp; travel related icons. Most of these are designed to leave room above/below themselves for text while still fitting into a square canvas. So, they can more easily be used to create actual program icons, signs, etc.</p><br><br><p>This was my first icons font so it doesn't conform to the 10x10 standard I established later for fonts like Donjonikons...</p><br><br><p><strong>A -&nbsp;</strong>Airplane</p><br><br><p><strong>B -&nbsp;</strong>Bus</p><br><br><p><strong>C -&nbsp;</strong>Cable Car</p><br><br><p><strong>D</strong>&nbsp;- Dirigible</p><br><br><p><strong>E -&nbsp;</strong>Escalator</p><br><br><p><strong>F</strong> - "Phone" Sign</p><br><br><p><strong>G -&nbsp;</strong>Gondola</p><br><br><p><strong>H</strong> - Helicopter</p><br><br><p><strong>I</strong> - "Parking" Sign</p><br><br><p><strong>J</strong> - "Lost &amp; Found" Sign</p><br><br><p><strong>K</strong> - "Luggage Claim" Sign</p><br><br><p><strong>L -&nbsp;</strong>Locomotive</p><br><br><p><strong>M -&nbsp;</strong>Maglev/Monorail Train</p><br><br><p><strong>N</strong> - "Infirmary" Sign</p><br><br><p><strong>O&nbsp;</strong>- Ocean Liner</p><br><br><p><strong>P</strong> - APC/Armored Car</p><br><br><p><strong>Q</strong> - Bus (front view)</p><br><br><p><strong>R</strong>&nbsp;- Rickshaw</p><br><br><p><strong>S </strong>-<strong> </strong>Sailboat</p><br><br><p><strong>T </strong>-<strong> </strong>Trolley</p><br><br><p><strong>U</strong> - Riverboat/Ferry</p><br><br><p><strong>V</strong> - Van</p><br><br><p><strong>W</strong> - Taxi</p><br><br><p><strong>X</strong> - Boxcar</p><br><br><p><strong>Y</strong> - Bike/Scooter</p><br><br><p><strong>Z</strong> - Zeppelin</p><br>


Copyright zephram 2018


Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication
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