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Thumbnail for Triforce
3 years ago
I love this font because I like the legend of Zelda.

But how on earth do you get the other characters?
Thumbnail for Keep on Truckin'
4 years ago
Thumbnail for Pokemon GB
4 years ago
My friend used this for a school project and thought it was so cool!
Thumbnail for D3 Guitarism
4 years ago
Cool but kinda hard to read...
Thumbnail for POLAR VORTEX
4 years ago
Thumbnail for orange juice
4 years ago
Thumbnail for Villa
JacobK2000 avatar JacobK2000 commented on Villa
4 years ago
Just what I need!
Thumbnail for POLAR VORTEX
4 years ago
Thumbnail for CookieMonster
5 years ago
Sooo Coool I love it 😃
Thumbnail for ProFontWindows
5 years ago
Really good 😄
Thumbnail for Minecraft Evenings
5 years ago
Thumbnail for Blox (BRK)
5 years ago
This font is really good