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Nellie :)
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(6 years ago)
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Thumbnail for Figurativative
5 years ago
LOVE THIS FONT!!!!!!! xxxxxxx
Thumbnail for ChildishKid
5 years ago
so childish! *giggle* xx
Thumbnail for You Make Me Smile
almost 6 years ago
Thumbnail for DHF Happy Birthday Ryan
6 years ago
very nice x
Thumbnail for DK Mama Bear
6 years ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute xx
Thumbnail for Sweet Cheeks
6 years ago
love this font so cute xxx
Thumbnail for Matador
Muffin135 avatar Muffin135 downloaded Matador
6 years ago
Thumbnail for poleng
Muffin135 avatar Muffin135 commented on poleng
6 years ago
wow x
Thumbnail for Copper Penny DTP
6 years ago
i like this writing as much as the next fat person xxxx
Thumbnail for Bira PERSONAL USE ONLY
6 years ago
j'aime cette police de caractères tellement!!!!
Thumbnail for Blessed Day
6 years ago
This is a truly wonderful font x
Thumbnail for Sketch Book
6 years ago
this font is so cool x
Thumbnail for Little Miss Cursive
6 years ago
wow i love the dots on the i's they are cool x <3
Thumbnail for CHAPE2AL
6 years ago
Thumbnail for TOXIA
6 years ago
Thumbnail for Scorched Earth
6 years ago
OMG amazing x