Rigid Display Font

by andikafez

Rigid Display Font

5 font family styles

Bold Style

Rigid Display Bold
postscript 217 glyphs 345 characters

Light Style

Rigid Display Light
postscript 251 glyphs 336 characters

Medium Style

Rigid Display Medium
postscript 250 glyphs 336 characters

Regular Style

Rigid Display Regular
postscript 248 glyphs 336 characters

Thin Style

Rigid Display Thin
postscript 215 glyphs 336 characters
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    About Rigid Display Font

    This font is under Non-Commercial license. To use this font for commercial works please visit and get it in https://andikafez.com/product/rigid-display/ and please do not forget to use "GET30" discount code to get 30% OFF!.

    Rigid Display is a sans serif font designed for display needs such as titles, logos, etc. with a different touch. Rigid Display provides 5 weights for its users to have freedom in handling. This fresh font is an alternative that will refresh your font library and also the viewers so feel free to choose it as the main pawn for your project.

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