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esthajnal font

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esthajnal font by Roland Huse Design
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ESTHAJNALCSILLAG is inspired by ancient Hungarian runes (rovás) .Means Hesperus in Hungarian. This is the 3rd typeface of mine so far based on and inspired by these runes (the others are Hargita and Hun Legion). There were only capital letters in this kind of writings so I used up the place for caps as an eroded version of these letters

This font is free for personal use only.

If you need extra character or language extention please contact me at myhandwritings@gmail.com

Also feel free to drop me a line in case of questions or feedback.Mostly in case of any problems with the characters, pairs, installation etc. That would also help me in my design work, and would be greatly appreciated!

Roland Huse,


esthajnal sample text
esthajnal (Version 1.000) esthajnalcsillag.ttfView Font Info 71 characters — View All


  • rolandhuse avatar
    Thank you!
  • Nate547 avatar
    Clever! Unlike other runes-inspired types, this one actually supports all the ASCII letters which is helpful 😄
  • rolandhuse avatar
    Thanks! I only figured out "K" and "R" by myself, and the numbers. The rest I was able to put together without major modifications of original runes although they stands for absolutely different letters. For example what I used for "A" would be a "G" if read normally. Also used mirroring (both horizontal and vertical) in some cases though. Thank you guys for your comments and support!
  • rolandhuse avatar
    * A little correction : "A" is an "L", not a "G". And I also figured out "U" too. The rest are original runes.
  • Spacini avatar
    I really enjoy your work! Thanks for sharing.
  • rolandhuse avatar
    @Spacini Wou's re welcome, I am glad you like it! It's encouraging me to keep workin on these concepts, I am considering to create small caps and language extention as well within this style in the future.
    Thank you!
  • rolandhuse avatar
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rolandhuse avatar rolandhuse


Copyright (c) 2013 by Roland Huse. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2013 by Roland Huse. All rights reserved.


esthajnal is free for personal use only.


Roland Huse


Version 1.000


esthajnal is a trademark of Roland Huse.


Roland Huse
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