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Hand Sign font by Sam Wang
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  • kungfumster avatar
    Hi! Really nice font. Great work on it. Me and my friends were wondering if we could use this for commercial use. You can give me an email at dannyhl@uci.edu. Thanks!
  • wasabipunkgirl avatar
    Many of these ASL letters are wrong (f g h k l p q t), many others are just poorly done (a d m n r s x).
  • mtmyranda avatar
    Ummm like half of these r wrong retards...
  • entopia1780 avatar
    eh its Irish Sign Language? so its not wrong.
  • fontspace avatar
    @entopia1780 Thanks for clearing this up! I've tagged it as Irish Sign Language now, not to be confused with ASL.
  • LayThickkyy123 avatar
    It's a nice font I like it a lot
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©Sam Wang 1993


Altsys Fontographer 4.0 7/31/93

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