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Sans Serif
Sans Mateo Font

4 font family styles

Bold Style

Sans Mateo Bold
truetype 1166 glyphs 1120 characters

Bold Italic Style

Sans Mateo Bold Italic
truetype 766 glyphs 722 characters

Italic Style

Sans Mateo Italic
truetype 764 glyphs 722 characters

Regular Style

Sans Mateo
truetype 1213 glyphs 1170 characters
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    About Sans Mateo Font

    This sans serif font originally started out as a stripped down version of Bainsley but simplified and completely redrawn. I just needed a testbed font to try out some new ideas with open type. But after a while I realised that it looked a lot like a bland sans serif just like the thousands of bland sans serif fonts which are available all over the web. So I decided to try to make it a little different and added a few curves to the ends of the stems and limbs.

    The font has more than 16 thousand Kerning Pairs and supports fractions, superscript and subscript. As you might have guessed from the fact that this was built as a testbed font for new ideas with open type it has a lot of open type features. Stylistic set 01 turns the single storey 'g' into a two storey 'g', Stylistic Set 02 is only available in Dutch and cancels the localisation of IJ ligatures, if anyone wants to do this.

    The default is tabular numbers but this can be swapped for proportional numbers using the 'pnum' function.

    If you find any bugs in the font please contact me at [email protected]

    If any bugs are reported I will attempt to fix them, if no bugs are reported then I may not find them myself and so they will probably not be fixed.

    I have included the source files if you want to make any modifications but you will need Font Creator to open these files. You can get Font Creator at

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