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Lemonade Stand font

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Lemonade Stand font by sharkshock
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Looking for the perfect all-caps display font to accentuate your next project? Lemonade Stand is a stylish yet childlike sans serif that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The characters are designed with minimum contrast to roughly resemble the strokes of a thin paintbrush. Feature it in a logo, on packaging, or in a children’s book. Basic Latin, extended Latin, diacritics, Cyrillic, punctuation, and kerning are all included in the full version. The demo features basic Latin, Cyrillic, and limited punctuation.

The full version is $20 for personal use only. Just use the PayPal donation button on our website. Please note this $20 does NOT constitute a contract for commercial use. For information on commercial licensing please visit www.sharkshock.net/license.

Thank you for your support!

visit www.sharkshock.net for more and take a bite out of BORING design!

Lemonade Stand sample text
Lemonade Stand (Version 0.00 De) Lemonade Stand D.otfView Font Info 139 characters — View All

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  • SolemnRuby8 avatar
    Great job! 😄
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Version 0.00 December 9, 2017