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About The Event Font

The Event is a Nbc font that was created by SpideRaYsfoNtS in . It was added to FontSpace on

The Event is licensed as Freeware, Non-Commercial, which means it is free for personal use only. To use the font commercially, you will need to purchase a license or contact SpideRaYsfoNtS

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The Event with backwards facing E use SHIFT + 4 (ie the $), lowercase is inverted also the Capital E is larger like on the titles you can get this using the # key to make this font display @ fontspace it has now been renamed

the #v$nt.ttf (aka theEvent.ttf)

Regular TrueTypeMore Info 105 glyphs View Charmap
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    Latest v2.3 now fixed the backwards E is now on the dollar sign font now called the EV$NT to show off the latest fix.
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    Latest v3.0 now fixed the gaps on fonts less than 32 pixels wide this will be the final post..
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    Sorry changed my mind moved the capital E to the hash # and resized a normal gylph for the replacement, v3.1 now has everything I wanted.
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    Version 3.2 now without the space having a few problems making the E's match up standby....
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    Job done v3.5 is now complete, please download this as this will be the final version for now at least.
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Basic Info

Font Name the#V$NT
File Name the#V$NT.ttf
File Size 27kb
Created 2/4/2011 7:59:47 PM
Modified 2/5/2011 9:44:40 AM
Glyph Type TrueType
# Glyphs 105
# Characters 105


Copyright (c) 2010 by SpideRaY. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2010 by SpideRaY. All rights reserved.


Created for all you font addicts out there please join the Windows Tips Club after your download.
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Version 3.006


the EVeNT is a trademark of SpideRaY.


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