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Hexagonal Delight font

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Hexagonal Delight font by SWMCA Brands & Holding LLC.
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Hexagonal Delight Schoolhouse (First Edition) is a grammar school version of a SWMCA font by the same name created around 1982. The exact year was never recorded. The font was originally deemed experimental and did not get any use (not even by SWMCA) until after a 1986 major overhaul.

Hey educators and day care providers. Just between you and me. when the full font package comes out, there will be a 2nd version of this schoolhouse font along with the regular font...what I haven't told anyone yet is there will also be a version called "Hexagonal Delight REJECT", which will have the original characters BEFORE the font was redone in 1986 and rejected from the revised version.
(This is running late but still in the works -July 2015)

Watch for it here at Fontspace, and check out the other great designers here too.

Hexagonal Delight Schoolhouse sample text
Hexagonal Delight Schoolhouse (Version 1) Hexagonal_Delight_Schoolhouse.otfView Font Info 209 characters — View All


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