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Monsters Attack!.TTF <br>© 1998 Letters From The Claw <br> <br>Version A.D. 1972 (Boris Karloff Edition) <br> <br>My finest effort to date...and yet, like Frankenstein's, <br>my creation is this first run at Monsters Attack! <br>will be known as the Glenn Strange Edition...when I get some <br>perplexing spacing problems worked out, that version will be <br>known as the Boris Karloff Edition. But for the moment, <br>we'll have to be content with the workmanlike horror of <br>Mr. Strange. <br> <br>The font does contain some punctuation: !$&,.-+=? <br>as well as the following dingbats, taken from black-and-white <br>illustrations advertising those ultra-cool Aurora Famous Monsters <br>model kits! <br> <br>% - Frankenstein <br>* - Frankenstein Amok <br>[ - Creature From Black Lagoon <br>] - Mummy <br>^ - Big Frankenstein <br>_ - Hunchback <br>` - Dracula <br>{ - Godzilla <br>| - Phantom of the Opera <br>} - King Kong <br> <br>This font is freeware and may be redistributed at will, but be <br>aware that it's not the most stable font in the world right now. <br>It did install on two of The Claw's PC's with no obvious <br>problems other than that annoying spacing issue. <br> <br>You should probably include this readme file with this font, <br>considering it's volitile nature. <br> <br>For more horror fonts, strange horror comix and <br>general fun, visit the Empire of The Claw: <br> <br> <br>As Glenn Strange would say, "Aaaaarrrggghh!" <br> <br>The Claw <br> <br>


© Letters From The Claw - Freeware. Distribute Freely!


The Claw


A.D. 1937 (Boris Karloff Edition)


© 1998 Letters From The Claw. The Son of the Curse of this font MUST BE DESTROYED!!


The Empire Of The Claw
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